Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Determination I Had...........

Where is the determination i had,during those initial days??This is a only question that revolve my mind whole this morning.
                                             Everything seemed so far which i had dreamt of. Life brings to us many difficulties at times and takes test of our patience.How is it possible when all the things are not going in right way. Even little hope seemed far distant.Now i feel like noone.
                                                     This time dealing with my own priorities,i found myself surrounded by the fence of obstacles which i know i should clear and be on the other side.The fact of the near future haunts me everytime.I feel so low this time.
                                        But then,i told to myself,it ain't the end yet.Bad times are there in everyone's life,what matters the most is how much lessons you learnt from such bad times and obtain the best result in future.
                      Finally i realized,at the end of the day when the darkness of grief has lifted,you will find a strength in you that you didn't even know existed.
                                       Now i can say,the determination i still with me.Some situations tries to reduce that determination but now i feel i am strong enough to secure it.

                                                              " LIGHTEN MY DAY"



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