Monday, June 25, 2012


He always lived quiet and silent.I wondered why he was like that??I always wanted to ask him but i could never,because we were not so close than.....
                                  I tried to talk to him but he was too quiet  to say anything.Then the time passed by and i noticed him each time.....His nature is still same.....Quiet and reserved.
                                                     Time passed so quick and its already the time we will be apart in few days.But by this time he had started to talk with me.This means at this point of time,we had become really good friends.
                                                Now that he was so close to me,i asked to him:-what was the reason that he would never talk to anyone? He told that he is afraid to make friends and believe them.I came to know,deceived by his friends,he had lost all hope.I read some hurt in his eyes.
                                               "I WAS SO TOUCHED WITH PITY"
                                       I told him"fear no more,everytime life won't remain same".Further i remainded him:-only trust someone who can see these three things in you:
  •  The sorrow behind your smile.
  • The love behind your anger.
  • And the reason behind your silence.